Fuel price goes up by ksh 9 in the new EPRA review.

Fuel Pump
Fuel Pump

This month’s (June) fuel prices review saw the prices hit high on Tuesday despite the government injecting billions of shillings to the stabilization fund, a situation that has already set the country into an automatic increase of basics commodities on the market.

In its monthly the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) on Tuesday increased pump prices by Sh9 per litre pushing the cost of super diesel and kerosene to Sh159.12 Sh140, Sh127 respectively in Nairobi — the highest in Kenya’s history.

The prices come at a time when the country is experiencing the highest inflation ever of   27-month high.

The prices will pile more pressure on households and businesses that are already grappling with a high cost of living.

A weakened local currency against the dollar also led to the high prices of imported refined fuel. The shilling weakened to 116.89 units against the greenback from 115.74 in April.

Global crude oil prices have been on a sustained rally since the start of the year in the wake of the Russian-Ukraine war that has sparked supply hitches due to sanctions on Russian oil.

The subsidy, however, cushioned consumers from paying Sh184.68 per litre of super and Sh188.19 per litre of diesel.

The latest pump prices will also see the State pay record-high compensation to the oil marketers to cushion Kenyans, further straining the fuel stabilization kitty.

Below are some of the towns in parts of Western Kenya against the new super petrol, diesel and kerosene prices respectively;

Bungoma 160.3,141.48, 129.44.

Mumias 159.86, 141.03, 128.99

Kakamega 159.58, 140.75, 128.72

Mbale 159.53, 140.70, 128.66

Busia 160.40, 141.57, 129.54

Kimilili 160.49, 141.67, 129.62

Kitale 159.89, 141.08, 129.03

Webuye 159.95, 141.15, 129.1

Lugari 160.29, 141.57, 129.42

Nambale 160.40, 141.57, 129.54

Chwele 160.57, 141.74, 129.70