Fuel shortage in Trans Nzoia has affected business and farming

Long queues of cars at Shell petrol station
Long queues of cars at Shell petrol station

Fuel shortage in several petrol stations has been witnessed in Trans Nzoia County with several of them closing stations due to its scarcity within several parts of Kitale town and its environs.

A spot check by West Media has established several petrol stations not operational following acute shortage of the most essential basic need of the country’s economy with shell petrol station witnessing long queues of customers with their cars as well as Boda boda operators rushed to fill their tanks as well as fill their buckets with fuel in preparation for the long acute shortage of the products.

The situation in other petrol stations including National oil, Total and OLA was worse as there was no fuel thus having empty stations that was not visited with some cars for fueling.

Most farmers have stated that it would be hard for them to continue tilling their farms due to high cost of living emanating from shortage of fuel in the county claiming that if the situation will not be handled immediately then the nation risks having enough food for its
citizens who mostly depend on Trans Nzoia County as food basket.

“We fear in future fuel products might be scarce or it’s a plot to increase the purchasing price of fuel and its products that might impact negatively to the citizens who solely depend on fuel for their livelihoods, the government must intervene immediately since some of
us farmer might not be able to till our lands,” claimed David Macharia a farmer in Kitale.

They appealed to the MPs to handle the matter urgently in the assembly as a way of arriving at a solution that will help ease the pressure of citizens who are undergoing financial constraints as well as acute shortage of the fuel products.

National oil station deserted due to lack of fuel
National oil station deserted due to lack of fuel

They blamed politicians in the county who are campaigning already and forgotten the necessary duties they have to do for residents of the county which include representing their plights they were undergoing with a view of arriving at a formidable conclusion of helping their constituents with their predicaments.

“We call upon our politicians to avoid unnecessary campaigns that they are traversing in the country and engage the government in arriving at a conclusion of reducing fuel price as well as making sure its accessible, they have failed in their job and now criss-crossing the county campaigning”, stated John Koech a trader in Kitale