Full academic year in schools has to be covered afresh, says Nabungolo

St. Peter's Boys Mumias Principal Mr. Cosmas Nabungolo

St Peter’s Mumias Boys High School Principal Cosmas Nabungolo has said the full academic year for primary and secondary schools has to be covered afresh despite concerns of national exams being done early next year, for maximum results and gains. The Covid-19 pandemic has caused lots of disturbances in Kenya, key among them the closure of all learning institutions. After the first case was reported early this year in March, the government moved quickly to close schools, and talks of a possible reopening in September were shut down after the state announced learning in primary and secondary schools will resume in January next year.

Speaking to West FM during an interview on Friday, Mr. Nabungolo said the work covered in the first few months doesn’t cut it, and it’s not sufficient, with a disconnect in place. He said students in all classes have to cover afresh all the content, with this year as good as wasted, “Candidates have to go through a whole year of learning. Being at home has created a total disconnect in the academic scheme of things,” he said. He added that losing one year isn’t bad if it means students get a chance to perform well, “It will also give teachers the chance to prepare well.”

With cases of teenage pregnancies and indiscipline increasing as students stay away from schools, Nabungolo urged parents to take the mantle of teachers and students to focus on their studies. He said they should prepare study timetables and keep focused, adding that they should avoid spending lots of time watching TVs and falling for peer pressure, “They have books that they should read, and also classes on Zoom.”

He pointed out that when they go back to school, they’ll be required to show the content they’ve covered while at home, “When they come back we’ll want to see their files and their work.” He said teachers will also have to work hard on their part when learning resumes.