Girls Advocate Initiative founder urges government to declare cancer a national disaster

Some of those present at the function at Bungoma Posta ground
Some of those present at the function at Bungoma Posta ground

Girls Advocate Initiative founder Rebecca Masibayi has urged the government to declare cancer a national disaster. She was speaking at the Bungoma posta grounds during an event to mark the International girl child day. She said cancer is a bad disease and the issue should be looked into by the government.

She also noted that many suffer from reproductive diseases they don’t know about, “Today we are focusing on reproductive health because we all know that the generation we are living we have so many diseases that affect the boys and girls reproduction,” Rebecca Masibayi said, “Our girls aren’t aware of this diseases specifically cancer and therefore am urging the government to declare this disease a national disaster.”

During the function, she emphasized the importance of education not only to the girl child but also to the boy child.

A guest speaker was invited to mentor and teach the girls issues concerning reproductive health which was the main agenda for the event specifically cancer. The main theme for the day was to empower girls for a better tomorrow, and it was showcased by allowing them to display their talents through dance, poems, modeling and public speaking.

Several secondary schools attended the function along with so many organizations offering free medical services in support for the girl child health. Among the organizations attended were Life care hospital, Khalaba hospital, NHIF and Khetia’s supermarket.

Written by Cynthia Chemtai