US Ambassador to Kenya promises partnership with West Pokot government

West Pokot Governor John Lonyangapuo and US Ambassador Bob Godec signing an MoU
West Pokot Governor John Lonyangapuo and US Ambassador Bob Godec signing an MoU
US Ambassador to Kenya Robert F. Godec has promised to partner with West Pokot County government, institutions and groups to help improve living standards of residents. The ambassador said the US government will focus on health, education and agriculture sectors. Speaking after touring various projects funded by the US Government, Godec said that the three aforementioned sectors are the backbone of the Kenyan economy and there was the need to boost the sectors. “We have discussed with various leaders on issues that can help improve living standards and eradicate poverty,” he said. He said they discussed challenges facing the County and agreed to forge way forward.
Godec who met with the West County Governor John Lonyangapuo and the Pokot Youth Bunge Forum discussed issues affecting peace and development projects.
Godec also visited St. Francis School for the blind where he congratulated students for learning new skills towards greater economic opportunities for themselves and their families.
Ambassador Godec discussed the unique challenges facing youths in the area with local youth leaders. The youths shared their concerns about economic empowerment and leadership Youth bunge president Richard Todosia said that the organization is partnering with US government to fund youth programs that can help enhance coexistence among conflicting communities in north rift region. “Many communities in North Rift are conflicting and we want to thank US government for funding youth programs that have helped to engage youths and keep us from outdated cultural practices,” he said.
Governor John Lonyangapuo said the partnership will help improve the economic value in North Rift region. Lonyangapuo said most of North Rift Counties are faced with various
challenges especially in health and education sectors.
He said residents are forced to walk long distances to access medical facilities and the partnership will see locals getting services near their homes. “We still need more help from other donors and organizations to enable us to meet world health organization standards,” he said.