Good luck to all 2019 KCSE candidates from the region

Candidates at St Joseph's Boys High School Kitale doing the KCSE exam
Candidates at St Joseph's Boys High School Kitale doing the KCSE exam

The Kenya Certificate of Secondary School Examinations (KCSE) 2019 commenced on 4th November 2019 with the English Paper and will end on 27th November with Computer Studies Practical Paper. This year the County of Kakamega has 33,164 KCSE candidates, Bungoma has 31,811, Busia County has 12,944, Vihiga 15,317 and Trans Nzoia 21,831 candidates. The five Counties have a total of 115,067 KCSE Candidates. Compare the KCSE candidates to the KCPE candidate and there is a difference of 54,867. The question to be asked and answered is how can it be that the five Counties have a gap of 54,000 pupils between the KCPE and KCSE ranks? Parents, education managers, elected leaders, religious leaders should be keen to answer that riddle.

For the 2019 KCSE candidates West Media Limited wishes you good health, clarity of mind, focus and composure, steadfastness as you undertake each paper. The exams are the culmination of your four years of instruction, learning, preparation and we are confident you are up to the challenge, the task to put forward your best in the examinations and we look forward to celebrating with all of you when the results come out later this year or early 2019. May God Bless the work of your brains, hands for the last four years.

The KCSE exams will largely determine what trajectory life the rest of your life takes and they are therefore very very serious business and they must be executed with equal seriousness and accuracy. We once again beseech parents first and the rest of the community, especially for the many candidates who are day scholars that they be given the maximum support, encouragement, facilitation to reach their schools and take their exams  and back home to prepare the next paper.  And yes let the surrounding environments of the secondary schools taking exams be given peace, quietness to enable the candidates focus on their exams. The main actors here are boda bodas, matatus and other vehicle drivers to respect the exam centres and not expose them to noise through unnecessary hooting and the like.

We trust those who will administer the KCSE exams will ensure utmost integrity, accountability and vigilance so that no incident of cheating is permitted to take place. The answer to cheating is eternal vigilance at all times for temptations to cheat will always be there for the few crooked persons who always wish to profit from short-cuts. God Bless the KCSE candidates in our region this year. This is your time. This is your future being made through these exams.