Government keen to support mental health during pandemic, says CAS Aman

Health CAS Rashid Aman

Health CAS Rashid Aman has said supporting mental health remains the government’s priority during the Covid-19 pandemic. Speaking on Saturday at Afya House, he said stigma associated with the Coronavirus is a cause for psychological distress, noting that the containment measures which include staying at home, restricted movement and social distancing can affect one’s mental well-being.

He pointed out that health workers too are adversely affected, “Healthcare workers and frontline workers are at a high risk of stress and trauma related disorders,” he said. People with severe mental illness, intellectual and cognitive disabilities are targets of abuse and neglect in the community and lack the necessary support to adhere to the Covid-19 directives, according to the CAS.

The government has prioritized mental health and psychosocial support system and has provided 24 hour access to tele-counselling services that provide psychological care. The implementation of the Presidential directive on mental health care has also been prioritized, all these to cater for mental wellness of Kenyans during the pandemic.