Government urged to confiscate illegal firearms along Pokot, Marakwet border

West Pokot leaders at the Mashujaa Day fete
West Pokot leaders at the Mashujaa Day fete

The government has been urged to confiscate illegal guns in the hands of criminals and flush out bandits hiding in forests along the volatile border of West Pokot and Elgeyo Marakwet border. West Pokot Governor John Lonyangapuo further urged the government to arrest perpetrators of crime in the area following increased insecurity in the region.

Lonyangapuo called on the security personnel working along the border of the two Counties to deploy more security officers to the area.

He asked the government to establish permanent security camps and anti stock theft camp in the area.

The West Pokot Governor also urged politicians to shun politics and instead engage in  development.

Speaking during the Mashujaa day celebrations at Makutano Stadium in Kapenguria, Lonyangapuo urged the government to initiate development activities and promote education in the area.

West Pokot County commissioner Apollo Okello said that they are committed to ensuring peace prevails between the two communities as they continue to feel the effects of insecurity along the border.

“We’ll try to unite the residents in the area and leaders should shun inciting locals,” he said “Leaders from Marakwet should help us in the peace process.”

Kapenguria MP Samuel Moroto said the government should boost security, and that enough losses have been incurred due to conflicts. He urged youths to surrender illegal firearms and reiterated that the government should provide employment opportunities for them, “The youths in the area are involve din banditry because of unemployment and poverty,” he said. He further pointed out that residents in the region lack basic services.