Government urged to recruit more teachers to deal with deficit

Mr. Sabwami Ndalila speaking to the press
Mr. Sabwami Ndalila speaking to the press
The government has been urged to recruit more teachers to fill up the deficit across the country that has been one of the reasons for poor performances due to the students to teacher ratio.
Speaking after the official release of examination results for PTE class at Bungoma Teacher Training College in Sikusi, the college director Kennedy Sabwami Ndalila says many students are enrolling for the teaching courses and are optimistic of getting employed at the end of their coursework.
He said the country has a deficit of more than fifty thousand teachers saying the Education Ministry and the Teachers Service Commission should consider instituting a massive recruitment exercise yearly to ensure the children get proper attention in class.
Mr. Ndalila also called upon the Ministry of Education to consider awarding the higher education loans board funds to students in private colleges also saying they also deserve to be helped as Kenyans.
He disclosed that many students who are in the colleges don’t benefit from the CDF as well as bursary funds from other kitties saying the HELB fund will help them.
He also called upon parents to take advantage of such middle-level colleges at the grass root level to have their children go through the higher education system saying they have the capability of performing well.
He applauded the students who sat for the examinations and registered the wonderful results of 81% pass saying it is one of the best performing colleges in the region.