Government suspends importation of brown sugar, raw cane to protect farmers

The government is seeking to cushion the local sugarcane farmers and protect the local sugar industry

In a bid to revive the sugar sector and protect the local farmers, the government has suspended all importation of brown sugar into Kenya. Speaking on Thursday at Kilimo House, Agriculture CS Peter Munya said the suspension take effect immediately, adding that the extension of sugar import permits has also been prohibited with immediate effect. The importation of raw cane has been prohibited with immediate effect. The government will also lease state owned sugar companies to private investors.

CS Munya said all applications for brown sugar import shall be subjected to the sugar import/export regulations set to be gazetted soon, “That’s why we are suspending any issuance of import licenses until those regulations are in place to govern this sector so that we can be able to contain the influx of imported sugar and therefore protect the local farmer who must also continue earning a living from his sweat,” he affirmed. He said he has directed the sugar directorate of agriculture and food authority to ensure the new sugar importation guidelines give no provision for the extension of existing brown sugar permits.

The Ministry of Agriculture will further work with relevant authorities to block any illegal importation of cane along the Kenya-Uganda border, “The Ministry will work closely with counterpart agencies to intensify cross border surveillance along the Kenya-Uganda border to ensure no irregular importation of sugar or raw cane into the country takes place.”