National, County governments urged to involve civil societies in projects

National, County governments have been urged to involve civil societies in planning and implementing projects
National, County governments have been urged to involve civil societies in planning and implementing projects

The national government and County governments have been urged to involve the Civil Organization Societies in the planning and implementation of various projects in the country as a sure way of curbing corruption in the country. Speaking in the just-concluded Civil Organizations Societies conference that was held at Elegant hotel in Bungoma which was organized by the Bungoma voice of people organization, the presiding organizer of Civil Organization Societies in Kenya Mr. Bush Churchill urged the national government and County governments to involve Civil organizations in their operations as they play a critical role in the oversight of projects’ implementation to ensure that the whole process is free of corruption.

“Over the years the CBOs have played a critical role in closely checking the government and ensuring that the rights of Kenyan citizens have been considered throughout the operations,” said Mr. Bush, “It’s in line with this spirit that we urge the government to involve us in the operations as we’re able to monitor the flow of funds in various ministries and departments to ensure that there’s is accountability.”

His sentiments were echoed by Maraka ward representative Ali Majani Mtoko who was pleased by the efforts of the  CBOs (Community Based Organizations) in Bungoma County targeting to achieve accountability. “The CBOs in Bungoma County have played a major role in ensuring that the government is accountable in its operations and this should be emulated in all Counties if we’re to achieve transparency,” said Mr. Majani.

Mr. Bush also noted the President’s confidence in the Civil societies during the Jamhuri Day celebrations, where he listed them as one of the viable options to receive any vital information regarding corruption from Kenyans, “We would like to thank the President for his efforts against corruption and more importantly, when he told Kenyans to share vital information with us, it was a sign of belief in civil societies as partners in this fight.”

However, Ben Kasisi who a leader of the Voice of Bungoma Civil society warned CBO leaders against misappropriating donor funds and other funds that are meant for the their operations saying that if such CBOs are reported they will be deregistered