Governments and NGOs urged to empower talents to end retrogressive practices

Pupils waiting for exams

Leaders in West Pokot County  have urged the Count  government nongovernmental organizations and other donor agencies  to empower and nurture youths local talents to create employment and  help them shun retrogressive practices.

West Pokot County M.P  Mrs .Lillian Tomitom  said she will allocate funds to help nurture talents of youths in the County.

“We want youths to use their talents to bring change in the community,” said Ms Tomi Tom.

Speaking during the official opening of Youths Talent promotion Festival at Kisii University in Kapenguria,Ms Tomitom said  that tapping youth talents will help reduce incidents of cattle rustling, banditry, female genital mutilation and other repugnant practices that has led to lack of development in the region .

She said she will work closely with youths in the area and promote their talents hence urged them to utilize well their amplitude .

Tomi Tom urged the County government and nongovernmental organizations to engage youths in productive activities and  help uplift talents of young people in the region.

“Youths in Music and dance should be used in peace building programmes ”he said.

The talent show which was organized by the Declares Inspiration Group in collaboration with DWS Kenya organization, brought together youths from West Pokot ,Turkana and Karamojong regions .

Ms Tomitom said that talented youths should be identified and  used to teach communities and promote peace .

“They should support government efforts to engage youths prosper.  An idle mind is the workshop of the devil,”she said.

She  said the  government will  give priority to youth talents to organize youth talents an .

She  cited that talent promotion and investment will improve economy in the regions.

Locals artists who participated in the talent show cited that they are faced with many challenges . They said that they are engrossed in music to promote peace in the region .

“I want to teach the community about the dangers of FGM ,”said Pamela Cheruto.

Declares Inspiration Group Executive Director Mr. Jefferson Mudaki   said that talented youths needs help for them to uplift their talents .

“Being physically challenged and disability is not inability,” he said.

Mudaki  cited that youths talents in the region have been wasted making many local artists to lose morale .