Governor Khaemba faults MPs’ push for reduction of funds to Counties

Trans Nzoia Governor Patrick Khaemba
Trans Nzoia Governor Patrick Khaemba

Trans Nzoia Governor Patrick Khaemba has criticized the National Assembly for their push to reduce the funding allocation to Counties, saying the move poses a danger for economic growth, especially in the grassroots. Speaking in Kitale, Governor Khaemba said MPs want to kill devolution by
reducing the funds’ allocation to the grassroots meant for development.

The MPs have stood by the decision to reduce of money allocated to Counties from Kshs 330 billion to Kshs 310 billion, a move that has infuriated other leaders including Governors. “We shall hold MPs accountable for withdrawing the money needed for devolution in the Counties if you slash the money needed for development,” he said.

The Trans Nzoia Governor affirmed his support for devolution, saying it has resulted to many development projects, and given that residents have now comprehended it, it will be wrong to slash funds.

However, he acknowledged that devolution has faced its fair share of challenges, citing insufficient human resource and national government funding as some. He said some Governors have faced opposition from politicians, including MPs and Senators, eyeing their seats, which aims to slow down the progress of development in Counties. He said some Governors have also been criticized wrongfully for initiating development projects in their Counties by leaders who are supposed to work together with them.

He cited the case involving him, where he was supposed to set up a referral hospital in Trans Nzoia, saying he has been sued five times by people who were sponsored by politicians to thwart his efforts. He added that Court cases have slowed down development projects in the County.

He has appealed to all leaders to work together and leave a legacy
that all residents within the County will celebrate rather than
engaging in wars that can’t help the locals, “I call upon our leaders to talk and make sure we better the lives of our residents who took us to power and avoid sideshows, which can’t help the locals,” said Khaemba.