Governor Khaemba launches road construction machines

Governor Khaemba flags off the machines bought for road construction
Governor Khaemba flags off the machines bought for road construction

Trans Nzoia County Governor Patrick Khaemba has launched road machines worth Kshs 500 million that will be used in road construction in various parts of the County. While addressing residents in the County, the County chief said he was optimistic that the new equipment will help solve numerous problems affecting the road sector in the County saying he has helped alleviate the shoddy work done by contractors.

Some of the purchased equipment included 10 graders, 5 drum rollers, 5 tipper trucks, concrete mixers, water boozers, culvert making balloons, excavator, wheel loaders among many other machines.

Khaemba said the County government has incurred losses when it comes to road construction, as he blamed several contractors who have been awarded tenders for road construction but end up doing nothing while demanding hefty payment from the County Government.

Governor Khaemba waves to the crowd during the launch of machines in Kitale
Governor Khaemba waves to the crowd during the launch of machines in Kitale

He, however, criticized several leaders who he said are fond of politicking every now and then without contributing to the well-being of the County and advancement of the county development agendas, and this has derailed the good work that has been put up by his administration. He held out an olive branch to leaders in the County to work together with him in realizing the goals and aspirations of the citizen of this county.

“Some people have only been criticizing my leadership tenure and have failed to see the good work that I have done for the County, their focus is just on the mistakes. Let’s come together and help build the County,” said Khaemba. On his part, Senator for Trans Nzoia County Henry Ole Ndiema thanked Governor Khaemba for the good work done, saying the money allocated by the national government to the County has been used well. He, however, insisted the machines should be used well and perfectly to avoid numerous road constructions and filling of roads in the County.

Some of machines launched by Governor Khaemba in Kitale
Some of machines launched by Governor Khaemba in Kitale

Trans Nzoia County faces numerous challenges, the vital one being the poor infrastructure, especially the roads.


The County has a road network of 4,060.94 kilometers comprising of 154 kilometers of bitumen roads, 167.07 kilometers of gravel, 786.37 kilometers earth roads and 2,953.5 kilometers of rural access roads, the latter being unclassified roads falling directly under the County Government. Being an agricultural County and commonly referred to as the breadbasket of the Country, good roads are paramount to enable easy and timely movement of farm produce such as maize, beans, tea, coffee and milk to access markets in Kitale town and other parts of the Country and avoid middlemen who buy farm produce at a throw away price.

The Department has only two Graders which are almost 20years old and cannot meet the Department needs. The two Motor Graders are Mitsubishi KWE 130 and Komatsu KAW 752Z. The Graders are currently working but are prone to frequent breakages. The frequent breakdown means that the Department cannot achieve the set targets as per the work plan. Whenever they breakdown, work stops until they are repaired which more often than not takes a lot of time. Acquiring new equipment will now assist the County in realizing efficiency and effectiveness in managing Departmental road maintenance programs.


The Trans Nzoia County integrated Development Plan 2013-2017 Priority Strategic objective is to improve quality assurance on all roads in the county through projects and programs of  Purchase of equipment, machinery for road works and materials so that the County becomes self-reliant on road works.


The road machines that the County acquired are as indicated below





(Transport & Infrastructure department )




1 Motor Graders 10
2 Excavator 1
3 Drum Rollers 5
4 Wheel Loader 1
5 Tipper Trucks 5
6 Bull Dozer 1
7 Water Bowsers 2
8 Backhoes 2
9 Culvert Making Balloons  -a) 600mm Diameter

– b) 900mm Diameter



10 Concrete Mixers 2
11 Poker Vibrator 1
12 Small Roller for Culvert  Compaction 2