Governor Lonyangapuo wants government, organizations invest in education.

Governor Lonyangapuo
Governor Lonyangapuo

The Government and non-governmental organizations have been challenged to invest heavily in education by setting up more schools and improving infrastructure in schools citing that some schools in the county have poor infrastructure.

Education stakeholders in West Pokot county led by area Governor Prof John Lonyangapuo have appealed to the ministry of education to invest in improving school infrastructure in the county  citing that some of the schools within the county have poor infrastructure.

Prof Lonyangapuo said some of the schools in the county are historical sites and need to be improved to have a modern national outlook.

Speaking at Chewoyet national school after laying a foundation stone for the construction of a new administration block, Prof Lonyangapuo noted that the education sector is grappling with poor infrastructure in schools which contributes to poor performance.

Governor Lonyangapuo said it’s a pity to have a historical school like Chewoyet and the national government has not minded to improve the old buildings that were constructed by the white’s.

“This is a historical site and some of the buildings cannot be demolished because they still hold historical artifacts. The ministry needs to invest heavily where history was made in Kenya such as Chewoyet national school so that history is maintained and kept safe for the generation to come.” He said.

He appealed to President Uhuru Kenyatta to put a major storey building in the school in remembrance to the late president Jomo Kenyatta as a way of honoring the first president of the republic of Kenya.

He urged the ministry of education to deploy teachers in the region and improve on building modern classes to reduce illiteracy levels.

“We have a deficit of teachers across the county. The school has seven streams but with few teachers this needs to be addressed.” He said.

Prof Lonyangapuo pointed out that   indiscipline among learners should be addressed by both parents and teachers adding that they should make a priority by monitoring the students because they hold the future of this country.

“They are our children and future assets and any indiscipline of any nature should be dealt with before it grows. Cumulatively we have pumped a lot of funds in our schools by paying bursaries to learners. Next year the bursary will increase from Ksh 400 million   to Kshs 700 million.” He said.

He advised parents to assist teachers by instilling discipline when students are at home and also learners should desist from being deceived by the petty lifestyle of exposing themselves to phonographic literature which contributes to teenage pregnancy.

Chewoyet national school Principal Mr Samuel Kiminisi pointed out that the school is facing a myriad of challenges including lack of infrastructure and shortage of teachers.

He said the school is registered as a ten stream school but currently they are operating on seven streams because they lack enough classes.

He said the school has a total population of 1600 students and the construction of the modern storey building that cost Kshs.34 million will house administration offices, staff room and Board room.

Chewoyet high school is among the first government premier secondary schools in the North rift region.

The school became famous as the colonial court where Mzee jomo Kenyatta and Kapenguria six were tried on 8th April 1953.

The old courtroom buildings have been turned into Administration blocks.