Governor Sang says Nandi residents won’t give BBI signatures

Nandi Governor Stephen Sang

Nandi Governor Stephen Sang has said County residents won’t give their signatures as part of the BBI signatures collection drive ahead of a proposed referendum, affirming that the County doesn’t need it and the taskforce should look elsewhere. Sang said residents of Nandi will not give out their signatures for a report that’s seeking for a Prime Minister position and deputies, adding that they don’t need these positions, “Nandi County will not accept or agree to issue those signatures. Nandi doesn’t need of a Prime Minister and the deputies.”

He said the Coronavirus pandemic has brought untold suffering to many Kenyans, singling out those registered for NHIF who’ve been told they won’t receive cover, and it’s very unfortunate that more focus is being given to BBI. He said the nation at the moment needs good handling of the Covid-19 pandemic instead of campaigning for a document that doesn’t benefit ordinary Kenyans.