Govt. urged to release fertilizer on time

Trans Nzoia County MP Janet Nangabo

As planting season approaches the government has been urged to give farmers subsidized fertilizer on time in order to enable them plant their crops on time to later harvest generously.

Women representative for Trans Nzoia County Mrs. Janet Nangabo said this adding that it was appropriate as it will enable farmers to get the fertilizer on time therefore give them ample time for planting in good time.

Mrs. Nangabo said it is important for farmers to plant on time because their crops will mature in line with the seasons favourable for growing and maturity of crops urging the result will be good harvests that shall help in the fight against hunger.

Trans Nzoia women representative Janet Nangabo speaking

“I urge the government to give farmers the subsidized fertilizers for them to plant on time. Maize price delayed to be announced and many farmers never sold their maize so they have no money.” said Nangabo.

The chairman for agricultural committee in Bungoma County who is also the county representative member for Milima ward Andrew Lichuma assured farmers form Bungoma County that his committee will push the county government to provide the fertilizer on expected time.

Lichuma said Milima ward has four sub -locations and they are expecting every sub-location to produce 100 farmers to benefit.

He revealed the county government will give out 400 bags of fertilizer that will be distributed to the 400 people 100 from each of the four sub locations where every person will receive a bag of fertilizer.

Milimo promised that the fertilizer shall be distributed on basis of those who are in dire need of it and there shall be no bias in the process saying serious scrutinizing of the beneficiaries will be carried out before giving out the fertilizer.