Student denied chance to do KCPE exams at the last hour

Mama Scholastic Kanali speaking to West Media
Mama Scholastic Kanali speaking to West Media

Scholastic Kanali from Shinyalu constituency, grandmother to Murangi Jarvan Cheti, is in anguish after the Kenya National Examinations Council failed to register her grandson to sit for the ongoing national exams.

Speaking to West Media, the angered grandmother said she was perturbed that despite her efforts earlier in the year and numerous assurances from Shikusa GK primary school headteacher that her grandson was registered, Jarvan is not taking part in exams like the rest of the candidates.

“Earlier in the year the headteacher of the school asked me to bring a birth certificate, two passports, and a report card to show that the student indeed finished his class 7 studies, in order for him to be registered as a candidate, I even left him Kshs. 1,000 incase he needed any other thing for the registration process.”

Mrs. Kanali further says that twice she visited the school to confirm if indeed he had been registered, and the headteacher gave this number as the candidate’s number; 3761607740.

Jarvan was also able to turn up for the rehearsals exercise which took place on Monday only to be told on the exam day that his name was missing in the candidate’s register.

“I am shocked, my grandson came back and informed me that he had been told his name is missing in the register. My visit to the school to try and find out why it was so, proved unsuccessful as the headteacher did not want to see me,” said Mrs. Kanali

On his part, Jarvan says he was very prepared to sit the exams this year and does not understand his fate yet.

“I was so disappointed when the head teacher asked me to leave the class yet I was prepared for the exams,” said Jarvan.
“To me, this is daylight murder without violence, I thought the headteacher was a professional. Am so disappointed,” said Mrs. Kanali.