Health CS sets record straight on Cuban doctors

Health CS Sicily Kariuki has said the state has set up intervention measures after the Ebola outbreak in DRC
Health CS Sicily Kariuki in a past event

Health CS Sicily Kariuki has reiterated that the Cuban doctors who’ll be coming to the country are specialized and are coming to complement what specialized doctors are doing in the country and debunked popular notions doing rounds. “These doctors don’t pose any threat to our specialized doctors,” she said, “Indeed they’ll support two things, they’ll support service delivery in hard to reach areas and its the reason Governors have embraced them because they see value. We are also taking them as part of mentoring and capacity building responsibility as ministry jointly with Governors, they’ll e mentoring our own doctors in places they’ll be based. It is important for us not to see some of these issues as threatening the status quo, they are value adding and I want to urge professionals in this sector to see it in that context.”

The Health CS said its useful for the media to share information that is accurate, adding that there seems to be exaggeration on the payment of the Cuban doctors, “It’s a conversation if we take it as one sided we miss the bigger good for Kenya,” said the Health CS. The doctors are meant to arrive next week on June 7th, and some stakeholders had questioned the government’s move to bring in the specialists.