History made as first ever road opened to connect remote areas.

Kapenguria MP Samuel Moroto
Kapenguria MP Samuel Moroto

The first ever  road which connects Chepochemutwo-Chepotarame-Koiponu river -Arukutiang –  -Kruru –Yotwo in  Kapenguria Constituency ,West Pokot County   has  successfully been opened  for residents to access and  connect  remote  far-flung areas  that were inaccessible  since time in immemorial.

This is a major breakthrough as the new road will ease transport thus   expected to change fortunes through increased economic activities in Riwo,Kong’elai, and Chepareria  remote  areas.

For many years, travelling had been a nightmare for residents due to the steep hillsides that form the area’s landscape and now history was made after the road was marveled at the ‘breakthrough’.

Residents will now be   able to transport their farm produce like Maize, vegetables, seeds, cattle and building materials.

The road done by the Kenya Rural Roads Authority [KERRA] will ease transportation and open up the areas hence a short cut to the Chepareria area.

A total of 350 kilometers roads have been opened   to   help spur development in far flung areas.

Other roads opened in the remote area include 20 kilometers Tisa Aran –Mtembur ,Akeru Munarel  and Kuron and the 20 kilometers  Chepsururu,Kishaune-Natelengi-Kachekai-Serewo.

Kanyarkwat,Kong’elai,Tipet road and Chepnyal,Ptoyo have been maintained.

Kapenguria Member of Parliament Samuel Moroto said the road will help Akeru Primary where it has been difficult to transport facilities, building materials and inspectors to reach the school.

“Moroto who spoke yesterday while inspecting the road reiterated that the new roads will transform the region that was marginalized for many years.

He said that residents in the area have been experiencing challenges in terms of infrastructure.

The legislator called on residents to take advantage of the new road and utilize it for it to benefit them.

The Mp called for maximum cooperation between area leaders and contractors to make sure the road is completed on time.

“We want contractors to work persistently and complete the roads on the stipulated time frame. We thank the contractor for working well,” he said.

The MP said the road will enable them to access markets and expand their farming acreage.

“This region is fertile, but we have been farming just for home consumption since we have no place to sell the surplus,” he said.

He called on the government to allocate more funds for infrastructure development in the area.

Moroto said the creation of a new road will open up the region for easy access to other areas.

“This is a new dawn for residents in Pokot residents used to rotate up to Makutano town to reach Chapareria,”he said.

A resident Mr. David Kapkamara said they have been staying in the region without a road and this has hampered the movement of people and goods.

“Many people in this region don’t even know where the county headquarter is. We had no means of transport to travel over kilometers to Chepareria,” he said.

One resident said many pregnant women miscarry while traveling.

Kerra Chairman in Kapenguria constituency Andrew Kodokwang noted that the road will contribute to basic services and general development in the area.