Hundreds camp at tallying centres awaiting election results.

Voters queuing ready to vote
Voters queuing ready to vote
As early as 5pm of the election day, hundreds of Luanda Sub County residents  camped at Ebusakami girls high school gate, the official constituency tallying centre, to get a glimpse of the election results.
 The residents who are anticipating their preferred candidates to win the election, have complained on the the delay in tallying of the results and are calling upon the Returning Officer Luanda Sub County to hasten the process.
“I have been here since yesterday evening  and so far no communication from the RO, We need to celebrate and go back to our  hustles”, said Chris Abonyi a boda boda rider
The residents have been in celebration mood, chanting cheerfully throughout the night . This however, has not affected the tallying process at Ebusakami Girls high school because of the tight security outside and within the school.
The transportation of ballot boxes and forms from the various polling station to the tallying centre has been an irregular and tedious process that has since delayed the  overall tallying process. Some were in as early as yesterday night while others are still being ferried in this morning.
So far, The Returning Officer Luanda Sub County Mr. Philemon  has announced the results of 15 polling stations of 124  polling station in Luanda where the form 34A have been verified and sent to the IEBC servers.
The results depict a race between Raila Odinga and William Ruto in the presidential elective position as other opponents get zero votes in most polling stations.
Susan Agoi