I will end corruption and improve the living standards of my people- Natembeya

Former Rift Valley Coordinator George Natembeya during studio interview in West Fm
Former Rift Valley Coordinator George Natembeya during studio interview in West Fm

The former Rift Valley Regional Coordinator George Natembeya and a gubernatorial aspirant for Trans Nzoia County, has called on residents to make a wise decision during the August polls.

Speaking at West FM’s crossfire program, Natembeya said corruption is the main cause of derailed development to the people of Trans Nzoia.

“Trans Nzoia could be far in terms of development but there are people who have pocketed the funds meant for development, thus leaving the residents living in abject poverty,” he said.

He said the revenue collection by those in control does not reflect on the development because of corrupt deals by the revenue agents who duplicate receipts and use the proceeds doing their investments.

“We have cartels in the revenue department who duplicate receipts and give businessmen yet the funds collected do not reach the treasury, but to the few corrupt individuals,” he insisted

Natembeya said he will partner with investors from within and abroad to help maize farmers who are now languishing in poverty improve their lives saying brokers have intruded the agriculture sector which is the backbone to the people of Trans Nzoia.

“The farmer is the one who suffers in the hands of middlemen who have infiltrated the agriculture sector in Trans Nzoia but I will engage investors who can put up a flour factory which can make the farmer sell his or her maize so that they can afford farm inputs during the planting season and get profits too after we take charge and make sure there are no brokers” he promised

 He noted that the health situation in Trans Nzoia is wanting saying there is a white elephant project in the name of a referral hospital which could have been in use now, saying he will construct at least a hospital in every sub county so that residents do not walk miles away in search for medication.

“We will have to equip our counties and improve on the workforce by employing more doctors and nurses to ease the workload and I am sure this will make it possible for our people to get medication nearer,” affirmed Natembeya

Natembeya assured the people of Trans Nzoia better governance if elected governor saying he has a clear track record, saying he would work with the government of the day to increase development. He said he chose to vie on a Democratic Action Party of Kenya saying Ford Kenya party has been used to derail development in the area saying he will bring change.