‘I will work with any elected Governor after August polls,’ Trans Nzoia County Woman Rep

Trans Nzoia County Woman Rep Janet Nangabo
Trans Nzoia County Woman Rep Janet Nangabo

Political leaders touring Trans Nzoia County for campaigns should sell their manifesto and agenda to Trans Nzoia electorates and avoid dividing them according to their political affiliations or tribal lines.

Speaking to West Fm during Cross Fire show on Sunday, Trans Nzoia Woman Rep Janet Nangabo said that Trans Nzoia County is made up of almost all tribes in the country therefore when leaders preach tribal politics may cause disunity hence fear among people this time the country is preparing for the August polls.

On why she is vying as an independent candidate despite vying on New Ford Kenya in 2013 and Jubilee in 2017, Hon. Nangabo said that electorates don’t elect leaders basing on parties but on the agenda and what that leader has done for them, therefore she is at peace and she doesn’t doubt her capability vying as an independent candidate.

On how the government allocates Affirmative Action to the Woman Rep’s office, Hon Nangabo said Sh 3 million is allocated in every constituency in every financial year and this money is always allocated per vote head though the Woman Rep might decide on how can use the money to support electorates in her County and not necessarily women. She highlighted some of the projects she has done for various groups including tents and seats.

Trans Nzoia Woman Rep expressed satisfaction for having served for the last ten years in the County since she has paid schools fees for 150 students even some have gone abroad for further education, she has been supporting bright and needy students in the County and she pays the whole school’s fee for such students, some have already completed their studies and has assisted about 15 and are employed in the Air force, she has donated car wash to some who are using to fend for their needs.

Some students are in day schools and mostly these are the beneficiaries of her kitty, those who have been abused by their parents are taken to children homes hence have time to continue with their education.

She revealed that she had plans to construct a maternity wing in Kiminini Muthangara area but was not within the stipulated projects meant for a Woman Rep office; she also thought of putting up stalls at Kiminini market whereby she began constructing them though the County government demolished them and used the funds to buy tents.

Her office gives Uwezo Fund to women groups but some take the money and the challenge is they don’t pay back hence it becomes difficult for other groups to benefit, besides that there is also Women Enterprise Funds that enable women help in running their small businesses. She

She showed contentment in ten years in the National Assembly as she said that Women Rep’s work is same as MP’s work where they also oversight and legislate, therefore she said she has been on the fore front to advocate for Trans Nzoia County people are given title deeds in their respective pieces of land where those who live as squatters are not relocated from their ancestral lands, she highlighted Mengo, Chepchoina, Meso, Birunda farms as examples where residents are having disputes and urged them to agree and end the land disagreements, she also said that ADC should provide some acres of land to help put up a University in the County.

On the internally displaced people, she said that the President allocated money to benefit them but leaders who were in charge used the money to help their relatives who are not even squatters hence leaving the IDPs in abject poverty therefore she urged the coming Governor to help such people get their rights who are living in despair.

On whether she participated in presenting bills in the Assembly, she said that she presented a petition on squatter’s issue where the Lands committee visited the County; she also presented a health care bill specifically on fistula problem and Gender Based Violence (GBV) among women and children, she also said that she participated in bills to defend cane farmers.

She revealed that there were challenges during Covid- 19 pandemic where cases of teenage pregnancies increased, child labour was rampant, incest cases went high and girls affected could not disclose the perpetrators something she advised area chiefs to be strict on the same.

Trans Nzoia Woman Rep in West FM studios
Trans Nzoia Woman Rep in West FM studios

She accused motor bike owners who give their motor bikes to school going children who are not trained on driving hence not aware of traffic rules, she said that she began a driving school to help youths train and reduce road accidents as she added that the coming Governor should also support the same.

On Trans Nzoia Gubernatorial race, Hon Nangabo was open and said that she will work with any Governor that will be elected, hence has no preferred candidate so far since she is also a candidate.

She said that she has assisted PLWDs by buying them machines to wash cars as she also told them to form groups and write proposals in her office so that they also benefit from various projects.

She advised Trans Nzoia County electorates to vote for a leader who is development oriented and the one who will fight for their rights as she used the opportunity to drum support for her agenda as she said that even if one does not support a certain leader should not fight or abuse them but elect his/her preferred candidate since elections will come and go and it will be a one day process, therefore urged them to embrace unity. She told youths not to accept to be used by politicians for their own selfish interests as she mentioned the Bidii case where youths were hanging on a campaign vehicle of a particular candidate but unluckily fell from the vehicle and died.

She urged the Agriculture CS Peter Munya to make sure that when Kenyans harvest their maize to increase the price of selling maize since farmers bought planting and top dressing fertilizer at a very high price.

Hon. Janet Nangabo during Cross Fire show on West FM
Hon. Janet Nangabo during Cross Fire show on West FM

She said that for children who have been affected by teenage pregnancies should visit her office and if they are willing to continue with their studies will ensure that they go back to school.

She urged Trans Nzoia electorates to elect her on 9th August but not be carried away with parties as she added that parties won’t work for them but an individual.

She said that she was among the people who challenged the putting up of Kitale Referral hospital since there was already Mt Elgon hospital which was to be expanded up to a level of a Referral hospital, despite building the Referral hospital by Governor Khaemba, Trans Nzoia people still are referred to MTRH for further medication, so one wonders on the role of the newly build Referral hospital in the County.

On talent nurturing, Mama County said that she has supported youths from Matisi who are actors and bought sewing machines for others in a way of supporting their talents.

The Woman Rep on an independent candidate urged Trans Nzoia people to unite for a common goal and get power that will benefit them, she said that if they consider her on 9th August she will continue serving them equally and ready to work with other leaders for the good of Trans Nzoia people.