I will work with any government that will be formed- Jacob Nasong’o Kwanza Constituency MP candidate

Jacob Nasong'o, Kwanza Constituency MP independent candidate
Jacob Nasong'o, Kwanza Constituency MP independent candidate

Kwanza Constituency independent candidate Jacob Nasong’o has said he vied for the parliamentary seat in 2017 but didn’t make due to unfair nomination process in Ford Kenya though he went up to the ballot.

Speaking on West Fm during Suala Nyeti programme, he said he still wishes to lead Kwanza people for his agenda is to raise the economic standards of his people; to invest in education by paying full bursaries to all needy students by ensuring that he pays school fees for students from form one to University instead of giving a bursary of shs 5000 or shs 6000 which does not cater for even a term’s fees.

He said Kwanza Constituency is behind in matters health so he will start a project of enrolling residents in the NHIF program so that they don’t spent a lot when hit with sickness or fail to raise medical fee.

Most youths are jobless, therefore Nasong’o said that the classes, hospitals built in the constituency will use bricks hence encouraged youths to venture in brick making to benefit in the process.

On water issues, he said Kwanza constituency is lagging behind since residents walk for a long distance searching for water despite the government buying a machine to drill water and this has never happened therefore he promised to partner with the County government to ensure that residents have clean water for use.

Many homes in Kwanza are not connected to electricity, saying he has engaged KPL and soon electricity will be connected to various homes.

On maize farming, Nasong’o said Trans Nzoia County has no maize industry which makes farmers sell their maize to brokers therefore he said will work to see that industries are constructed within the County to benefit residents and stop the habit of cartels buying maize from outside the country and only buy maize from farmers within the country on a low price.

Fertilizer that was announced by the government to have reduced the price, real farmers never benefitted but got lost in the hands of cartels who buy and repackage then sell at a very expensive price, he said when elected he will ensure that a farmer from Kwanza benefits from such subsidized fertilizer.

On floods that affect Namanjala residents, he said he has tried to build bridges and construction of culverts in the area adding that when dykes are build it will be a long lasting solution to residents.

The issue of squatters has been a problem to Trans Nzoia residents, therefore he said that he hopes that all leaders who will be elected will fight and represent their people well especially for squatters. He said when elected he will fight to see that the government writes off debts so that they are given title deeds to own their pieces of land fully.

He applauded the current MP Ferdinand Wanyonyi for the projects he has done like in education sector but said he has failed to raise the living standards of Kwanza people for instance residents are not aware of Uwezo Fund that is meant to benefit women and youths.

Jacob Nasong'o Kwanza Constituency independent in West Fm studios
Jacob Nasong’o Kwanza Constituency independent in West Fm studios

Kwanza people have decided to vote for individuals since they saw what happened during party nominations, he said independent candidates will win majority of seats in the August polls across the country since many candidates were frustrated during party nominations.

He urged Kenyans to turn out in large numbers to vote for their preferred candidates on 9th August as he cited the 2002 General Election where Kenyans voted in large numbers and saw the establishment of CDF plus other projects saying if they fail to vote, bad leaders will be elected and fail to work for them hence no development in their areas.

On Western politics, he said Western leaders could have united and work together for the benefit of their people. His wish is that Western people would have rallied behind Azimio saying despite having a tough political situation in the two factions; Azimio and Kenya Kwanza; Azimio has high chances of forming the next government therefore Western people should follow where the government will be formed.

He used the opportunity to urge Kwanza people to elect him in the coming elections saying he is ready to work and fight for them as their representative in the parliament.

He promised to work with any government that will be formed and urged Kenyans to participate in peaceful elections and advised IEBC to respect the people’s choice by conducting free, fair and transparent elections.