Idd Ul Fitr celebrated in Kitale

Abdullahi Sheikh addressing media in Kitale's Jamia Mosque
Abdullahi Sheikh addressing media in Kitale's Jamia Mosque

Muslim faithful in Trans Nzoia county have celebrated the end of Idd-Ul Fitr at their Jamia mosque in Kitale with several faithful expressing hard life they were undergoing that has made their celebration a low key affair.

The celebration was attended with few faithful as opposed to the previous celebrations that normally involved many faithful at the Jamia mosque grounds the purpose of their few numbers today was because they were following ministry of health protocols that is in place that help to curb the rising cases of Covid-19 and which was normally brought about by large crowds.

The function that was presided over by Abdullahi Sheikh of the mosque called upon all Muslim faithful not to accept to be divided by the BBI that has already been passed in two houses; national assembly and senate claiming the public will be involved in voting for the draft later in the year cautioning Muslim faithful not to be divided by the
politics that will seek to make constitutional amendments through referendum.

“I call upon all Muslim brothers and sisters , our faith means peace, during the coming referendum campaigns maintain peace, avoid divisive politics, be your brother’s keeper, this referendum politics will come and go but should never divide us”, said Abdullahi Sheikh.

He also called upon the Muslim community to pray for the nation during this Covid-19 pandemic promising the nation of their continued adherence to Covid -19 protocols as was laid down by the Ministry of Heath.

He however expressed that the Muslim community has been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic claiming the way people have been giving to the poor in the society has been drastically reduced following the effects of the pandemic but expressed his satisfaction in the manner the faithful have stayed together in prayers and that they were not wavered by the scourge calling upon the Muslim faithful never to desist from praying
for the country.

CEC for Sports, Culture and Gender Aggrey Chemonges
CEC for Sports, Culture and Gender Aggrey Chemonges

His sentiments were echoed by Trans Nzoia CEC for Sports, Culture and Gender Aggrey Said Chemonges who claimed the day was a special day for Muslim fraternity calling upon all the Muslim community to continue helping the  less fortunate in the society.