Increase in maize and cooking oil price leaves Kenyans wondering


Kenyans are facing hard times  as prices of cooking oil and maize flour seem to double up on the daily basis.

According to a recent research,  the maize millers have run out of stock, this is due to  shortage of the product both for locally and hoarding countries by  East Africa, while prices of palm oil, have doubled for the past one month.

 According to importers, a bag of maize which retailed at sh 4000, now goes for sh 5,800, it has also been confirmed  the price of  two kilograms of  flour is expected to increase from sh 140 to sh 200, as maize flour price continues to increase, the cost of edible  oil is also expected to be on the rise,  this is because the palm oil importers are facing a serious shortage and supply of palm oil.

This shortage  of basic household products are making  Kenyans go through hard times as they are  staring  starvation period due to  drought, declined  crop and livestock production across the country.

By Asma Shaban