Insecurity in Trans Nzoia


Insecurity cases in Transnzoia county have been on the rise for the past one months with several acts of lawlessness witnessed across the county with several residents blaming security organs over what they claimed as sleeping on their job.

On Monday, armed robbers violently robbed two shops belonging to Gladys Wafula and Amos Kiplagat at Mucharage shopping center making away with money of unknown value and killing the area bodaboda chair Tom Wanjala, an action that sparked protests the following day as Bodaboda riders claimed security agencies have failed in assuring them with security. They blamed the police failure to make patrols in the area.

The robbery comes four days after a similar incident at Kipsongo area where robbers armed with guns attacked a petrol station and also made away with some cash without being arrested. Kipsongo area is just less than 3km from main police station of Kitale surprising residents why it took long before them arriving at the scene of the crime and instill law and order.