Insecurity in Trans Nzoia


Following the killings of a Kenya police reservist at Sibanga area of Cherangany constituency in Trans Nzoia  locals have condemned security agencies over what they claimed as  their failure to beef up security of the locals in the area claiming they were sleeping on their job.

During Friday night a shop at Sibanga market was invaded with some gangs and made away with  several goods with cash from the shop whose value is yet to be established and upon realizing they were pursued they started exchanging with police in a gun shoot killing the KPR Elias Simiyu instantly and also  injuring  one police attached at
Chebarus police station.

The attack on the shopping mall took place where some criminals used the opportunity to operate in the area that was only less than a kilometer from the police station, stole goods with cash and left using the Maili Saba road of Sitatunga however several officers from Chebarus were called in to assist in pursuing the criminals where they came in close contact at Minnex  shooting ensued prompting to the
shooting of the KPR.

The robbed shop

Locals led by Sibanga market chairman Joseph Wekesa claimed they were going about their businesses with fear as notorious gangs have infiltrated the market causing mayhem to otherwise peaceful residents of the area. They called upon the police in the area to beef up security of the locals claiming they were not providing security and instead have embarked on arresting those locals without masks at a fee compromising the security of the locals.

”We call upon our security agencies to make sure the lives of our traders are safe as the rising cases of insecurity at the area is rampant”, said Wekesa.

MCA Kaburu

Area leaders led by Sitatunga MCA Daniel Kaburu joined the public in condemning the rising insecurity actions in the area calling upon police to make sure the lives of citizens in the area is secure. Kaburu claimed several locals are losing their lives at the hands of criminal gangs explaining the incidences of recent attacks at Chebarus market and since then there was no individual that has been apprehended.

On his part however police commander Fredrick Ochieng has claimed police were investigating the rising cases of insecurity saying there was a gang of three people who even have police uniforms that are using in terrorizing locals within the county.

We are aware of the rising insecurity in the area and we are
investigating a three men gang terror group masquerading as police officers who later on engage in insecurity actions, they use the same guns in causing crime, we are on top of their game and soon we will catch up with them”, claimed police commander. He however appealed to locals to work together with security agencies in disseminating crucial information that will lead to the arrest of culprits within the society.