Insecurity at Musasa market in Hamisi highlighted

Investigations are underway

Traders at Musasa market in Hamisi sub-county have decried the increased insecurity in the area. It’s said there are armed gangs who are terrorizing them at night before closing their businesses.

One businessman Edward Manzali who owns a retail shop at the market noted that the gangs appear disguising themselves as customers before robbing them.

“In my case, they came pretending they wanted to buy airtime, then they forced their way in and one was armed with a gun. They made away with an undisclosed amount of money,” Manzali said.

They said security agencies in the area are sleeping on the job as gangs continue terrorizing locals in the area.

Manzali added that they want a police post near the Market to bring down cases of insecurity in the area. “We want patrols increased during the night and a police post be erected in this market to curb down on escalating cases of insecurity in the region,” he said.