Inter Religious Council partners with EACC on anti-graft push

The IRCK has joined EACC in the war on corruption
The IRCK has joined EACC in the war on corruption

The Inter-Religious Council of Kenya (IRCK) has joined the ongoing war on graft, partnering with EACC to launch Scripture-Referenced Anti-Corruption Material that will be used by religious leaders to sensitize their congregants on the need to refrain from corrupt practices.

Speaking to the press, Mwalimu Francis Nganga, the National Anti-Corruption Campaign Steering Committee member said that the religious institutions have shown great efforts in the fighting of corruption, including the bold step by the Catholic Church to declare six months of ‘Break the Chain of Corruption campaign’. The committee has launched the material with the aim of boosting initiatives by religious institutions in enhancing the war against corruption.

“The objective of launching the material is to boost these initiatives and enhance the campaign by the religious leaders to create awareness to the faithful on corruption and convey the message that the Holy Scriptures do not only disapprove of the voice but also condemn it,” said Mr. Nganga.

Religious leaders were asked to encourage the congregants to focus on the preventive approach towards corruption.

Mr. Nganga commented on Elgeyo Marakwet County were a 9km Maina-Chemworor road was estimated at Ksh 20million by the County government, the awareness on corruption saved 14.6million from landing into corrupt pockets as only 5.4million completed the project.

Using Elgeyo Marakwet’s 9 Km Chemworor road project as an example, he said where the public has generated interest in preventing corruption in community projects through active participation from the beginning to the end, significant funds have been saved from loss through corruption.

Written by Elias Wekesa