Japanese government pumps 16 M to support education in West Pokot


The Japanese government has pumped more than Kshs 16 million in West Pokot County in efforts to boost education standards by constructing classes in different parts of the county.

The Japan embassy to Kenya has built Kaghmuu primary school in Lelan ward which was destroyed by landslide in 2019 at a cost of Kshs 7 million and also the process of building modern classroom at Ortum boys high school at a cost of  Kshs 9 million has commenced.

The Japan ambassador to Kenya Ryochi Horie who toured West Pokot County to check on the progress of the projects being funded by the Japan government said Kenya and Japan have been having a good relationship.

Ambassador Horie who handed over the  Kaghmuu primary school classes that were built by the Japan government noted that it’s his strong wish to improve the quality of  education for the children in the remote part of the county.

He commanded Ms Tegla Lorupe the peace ambassador, to spearhead peace activities in the county which gave a peaceful environment to the Japan government to invest in education in West Pokot County.

“Have just signed a contract grant of constructing Ortum classrooms, the funds will be used to construct extra classrooms and provide a conducive environment for learning.” He said.

He added that the classes are expected to be complete within a year citing that the boys will enjoy more comfortable and spacious classrooms and become great leaders of this country.

He noted that the relationship between Kenya and Japan is exceptionally close and Kenya is the largest recipient of Japan official development assistance in the sub Saharan African region.

“We have been working on large scale infrastructure projects such as constructing roads and bridges but we prioritize improving the lives of ordinary Kenyan people through grassroots assistance.” He said.

He added that the Japanese government has continued to provide grants for schools, medical institutions, community based organizations and NGOs since 1989 in the country.

He said more than 300 projects amounting to Kshs 2.3 billion have been funded across the country and education is their main focus by providing scholarships for Kenya youths and also by setting up schools.

The area governor John Lonyangapuo who welcomed the Japan ambassador said he was really impressed by the support from the Japan government adding that most of the schools have poor infrastructures that need to be upgraded.

“We are sure that good relations with the Japanese government will continue requesting for more assistance to ensure education standards are improved” he said.

He added the 2019 landslide destroyed Kaghmuu primary school completely and the Japan government decided to build the school from scratch.

The Japan ambassador Horie who was accompanied by his wife entertained locals by singing patriotic Swahili songs to Kaghmuu primary school pupils as everyone was impressed by his master of Swahili language.