Joy as son returns home after 10 years

The son Lwombo, returned just when his mother was about to be buried, he had disappeared with no clue of his whereabouts

Mr. Lwombo, left, his father and brother during the funeral after he arrived

There was joy at a funeral function in Sipala, Webuye East constituency in Bungoma County, after the son of the deceased turned up after he had been away for almost ten years.

Lwombo, as known by his native name, left his parent’s home in 2006 then vanished, leaving no clue on his whereabouts, and no one including family members knew where he was.

The family of the late mama Margaret, from left her husband Mr. Luboki and their children

Years passed by before a friend of his family came and informed them that at that time he was living in the Coastal region of Kenya, Mombasa, this led to family members’ frantic plans and attempts to reach him, but all was in vain.

According to his father Fred Luboki, his son vanished and they thought that even he had died; his mother kept on talking about him even on her last day on earth she mentioned her son’s name and broke into tears helplessly.

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“This son of ours left ten years ago in fact we were thinking that he had passed on lucky enough he has come back alive,” he stated.

Mr. Luboki expressed his joy for having seen their son back home and wished his wife was alive to also celebrate with them. He related his son’s coming back to the prodigal son in the bible.

Mr. Lwombo, the son who was lost being prayed for.

“I am the happiest man for the coming back of our son, I wish his mother could have been alive to witness his coming back and celebrate with us, all in all I thank God for this because this is like a miracle,” said Mr. Luboki

Mr. Luboki continued narrating that His wife’s death has bought great impact to his family thus their son coming back home. He urged for prayers to his entire family so that Lwombo does not return to Mombasa.

“Perhaps God had a purpose of his mother’s death to make him come back after staying away for ten years, what I urge you are just prayers that he continues to stay here,” he reiterated.

The funeral program was put aside and Lwombo was committed into special prayers by leaders and members of the Friends church that were leading the funeral function in their home.

Lwombo said that he had been planning to come back home but when the day of returning reached he postponed till the ten years elapsed.

Mr. Lwombo, (right), his father and brother during the funeral after he arrived

He went ahead narrating how he received his mother’s death news in shock and wished that he was there to see his mother when she was still alive.

“I really regret and am having much pain for having found my mother lying in a casket,” he explained amid sobs.

He promised that he will not go back to Mombasa because he has lost much including his mother.

“I have come to stay with my family members and will not go back again to where I have been living,” he added.

The late Margaret Lusike Luboki was laid to rest in her Sipala, Lugulu home, Webuye East Constituency Bungoma County.