Jua Kali Sector Set To Receive A Boost


Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero says plans are underway to set up a fund for the Jua Kali sector in a bid to promote economic growth and independent individuals for the sector.

He said this during a meeting held at Charter Hall in Nairobi which saw the attendance of the Deputy Governor of Nairobi, Jonathan Mueke, alongside the chairman of the Jua kali sector and 200 members of the jua kali sector.

Jua kali artisans at work
Jua kali artisans at work

The Jua Kali sector which has so far employed over 1.2 million in Nairobi is expected to receive funds through corporate financing at affordable rates to the artisans.

The requirements include registering themselves as companies and also joining umbrella groups in different areas in order to make access to the funds easy and also for legal protection.

Those who will be registered will be able to take part in the Nairobi Trade Fair as exhibitors and sellers.

The market for products and land issues were mentioned as being the major challenges the

Jua Kali artisans pose for a photo with Nairobi Governor Dr Evans Kidero
Jua Kali artisans pose for a photo with Nairobi Governor Dr. Evans Kidero

the sector faces in its expansion bid.

Dr. Evans Kidero did say, “You must all be good custodians of the land.”

Many artisans have in the past been forced out from their business land due to ownership wrangles while in some few cases heads of some of the existing groups have in accused of registering land owned by the group as a personal asset.

The sourcing of market has also become expensive as the industry is infiltrated with brokers.The chairman of the Jua Kali sector, Mr. John Maina Muhoro said, “Plans are underway to assist in eradicating brokers.”

A policy for Jua Kali marketing of goods is set to be put in place in collaboration with the ministry of trade. It will entail controlling the market for goods in favour of locally produced products.

Deputy governor emphasized on the need to create employment and expand the sector into a 24-hour economic hub.

Funding of the sector is expected to make the cost of doing business easy.