Bungoma County Jubilee leaders woo voters in Tongaren

Jubilee leaders at Ndalu, from left Reginalda Wanyonyi, John Waluke, Governor Ken Lusaka and Bonface Otsiula
Jubilee leaders at Ndalu, from left Reginalda Wanyonyi, John Waluke, Governor Ken Lusaka and Bonface Otsiula

As the political temperatures escalate ahead of the next general election to be held in August, Jubilee party leaders in Bungoma County started their series of rallies which are meant to be held across the entire County, at Ndalu market in Tongaren constituency in efforts to propel the manifestos of the party at the grassroots level.

Led by the County party chairman, Sirisia Mp John Waluke and Bungoma County governor Kenneth Lusaka, the brigade which also included MPs and aspirants eyeing the party nomination tickets, urged the residents to vote for the Jubilee party in the forthcoming general election.

Governor Lusaka said the Jubilee government under the leadership of His excellency the President Uhuru Kenyatta has been able to start several development projects which include reviving of Panpaper factory and tarmacking of several roads that include Chwele-Lwakhakha and Misikhu–Brigadier, which are under construction.

He, therefore, called upon Ndalu residents to vote for the Jubilee government saying in the forthcoming general election competition will be between Jubilee and NASA, insisting that the Jubilee government has a record of development to show Kenyans as opposed to their competitors.

Sirisia MP John Waluke said the people from Western Kenya have been voting for the Odinga family but they’ve never taken the country’s leadership, saying it is time for them to vote for Jubilee to achieve more development.

However, Waluke together with Bumula MP Boniface Otsiula had a rough time convincing the crowd that the Jubilee government had revived Rai paper mills in Webuye, which prompted the Sirisia legislator to single out three members from the crowd and gave them bus fare to Webuye to prove by themselves if Rai Paper has truly been revived or not.

Governor Lusaka also offered to hire a bus to ferry residents to Webuye to see for themselves if Rai Paper has been revived or not, saying many people have been brainwashed by politicians in the opposition party with intention of gaining political mileage through propaganda.

Governor Lusaka also defended their decision to fold up New Ford Kenya party to join Jubilee saying they have all the reasons to be in the ruling party as they have seen and proved that they need to support the government in order to achieve more.

Tongaren parliamentary hopefuls in Jubilee John Chikati and Ben Chekwanda took the opportunity to call upon voters not to take part in chaos but to nominate one of them so that they can defeat David Eseli in the elections.