Jubilee Lugari branch office defaced by unknown people

The defaced Jubilee party office in Lugari
The defaced Jubilee party office in Lugari

Officials and supporters of Jubilee party in Lugari Sub County have condemned the incident where the party office was defaced by unknown people. Led by the party branch chairman Moses Sikolia, they asked police in the area to investigate and arrest suspects behind the act.

Party members found their offices painted black by unknown people and have since reported the matter to the police. “Everything else remains intact but both the front and back sides of
our offices were defaced,” said Sikolia.

According to him, paint mixing containers and other tools used by the suspects had been dumped near the office. Mr Sikolia blamed the incident on Jubilee adversaries out to intimidate party supporters in the area.

He vowed to have the offices re-branded in Jubilee colours, daring those involved in the ‘dirty acts’ to desist “Because resorting to such theatrics would be counterproductive and even give us political mileage,” he added.

The official said Jubilee opponents were getting jittery because of the successful members’ recruitment drive in the area.

They wondered why offices belonging to other political parties just within the vicinity were not defaced by the same people.  “It means whoever did this knew exactly what he or she was doing, Jubilee was their target.”

He urged the police to move with speed in identifying the culprits but noted that such incidents will not deter them from mobilizing locals to shift to the party ahead of the general elections.