Solid waste management initiative launched

CS Judy Wakhungu on the importance of good waste management
CS Judy Wakhungu (Centre) highlighted the importance of reliable waste management
The Cabinet Secretary for Environment and Natural Resources Judy Wakhungu has launched the official waste management initiative at Kenyatta International Conference Centre (KICC) in Nairobi. Addressing the public at KICC, Professor Wakhungu said her ministry in collaboration with National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) has made various plans to ensure the collection and transportation excess of garbage is done in a professional way. She added that a guideline has to be launched on how waste product should be disposed of. The ministry will develop waste management technology and will work to ensure that the management plan is achieved in as part of vision 2030, and may be set up to 2035.
According to Professor Judy Wakhungu, the waste management plan will be applied to all 47 counties and will ensure the exercise is implemented within the coming 100 days, moreover, the public will be educated through a public institution opened in each county on how to manage and control waste disposal. This is evidently one way aimed at improving public health. She added that NEMA as an organisation under the Ministry of Environment has come up with good strategies to manage the environment by ensuring there is good transportation of waste product is treated well.
Judy Wakhungu during launch of the RRI
Judy Wakhungu during the launch of the Rapid Results Initiative on solid waste management in Kenya
“NEMA as an organisation has distributed health institution in various Counties,the Ministry in collaboration with NEMA will provide better equipment to manage waste product disposal,” She said. She added that more public institutions will be opened up soon by the Ministry in various Counties to be used as centre for public awareness about waste management in the environment.
Officials from various Counties graced the launch, with representatives from Nairobi, Machakos, and Kiambu counties showing their support for the programme. The National Environment Management Authority were also amply represented in the launch, that seeks to guarantee a better environment and health benefits in the country.