Search for Deputy CJ enters third day

High Court Judge Lydia Achode
High Court Judge Lydia Achode after facing the JSC panel

The search for the next Deputy Chief Justice has entered its third day with the fifth and sixth candidates facing the panel. Senior Counsel Joyce Miguda Majiwa was the first one to be grilled by the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) panel early in the morning.

She was taken to task over matters to do with health specifically abortion, community land issues and issues concerning election petitions. In all cases, she referred to the judiciary as an institution that should always uphold the law. On abortion, she expressed that the judiciary is not permitted to interfere but whenever necessary it can go beyond its perimeter. Her sentiments were echoed by Justice Lydia Achode, “The judiciary should only work under the provision of the law.”

Senior Counsel Joyce Miguda before the JSC panel as she was being interviewed for the position of Deputy Chief Justice
Senior Counsel Joyce Miguda before the JSC panel as she was being interviewed for the position of Deputy Chief Justice

Lawyer Joyce Miguda emphasized that IEBC must make its process transparent so as to make it easy for the court to validate an election, though its main duty is to invalidate elections.

The lawyer strongly rooted for gender rule especially in the position of Deputy Chief Justice.

The lawyer, however, did not exude the same confidence in answering questions as her predecessors, with a few members of the public taking to social media to question her capability.

She, however, described herself as an impartial, objective, independent and just individual. Attributes which she said would propel her performance as Deputy Chief Justice (DCJ).

Justice Lydia Achode who previously served as a Registrar in the Judiciary, deputizing role in the New Anti-corruption Commission and a judge for only five years exuded prowess in the manner in which she took on the questions posed by the commissioners.

Of all the candidates who have so far been grilled, she is the only one who has openly admitted to the existence of cartels within the judiciary and has even dealt with them in a few cases but was later forced to clarify.

She described the Judiciary transformation process as a work in progress, same to the constitution which she did say is transformative and hence needs interpretation.

The grill is expected to continue tomorrow with Lady Justice Martha Koome and Pamela Mwikali Tutui facing the panel. Lady Justice Martha Koome’s interview is expected to be watched closely as she came close to clinching the position last time.