Kabuchai contest gets hotter as Gasper Wafubwa joins the race

Gasper Wafubwa speaking to the press

Dr. Gasper Wafubwa from the sleepy village of Namilama in Kabuchai constituency, who had stayed and worked in the United States of America is the latest entrant in the Kabuchai by election race. Speaking after his arrival from the US, Wafubwa said he is committed to serve the people of Kabuchai after the demise of former MP James Lusweti Mukwe, adding that he has come to offer servant leadership.

He said having stayed away for twenty three years he has traversed many countries and has come back with a wealth of experience to offer the people of Kabuchai. He said the main agenda is to make sure the people of Kabuchai access water, noting that many of them are forced to walk for long distances in order to access it.

He added that if offered an opportunity he will make the constituency a model and through proper leadership can be a role model to others. However, he asserted that he has offered to vie on an independent ticket saying it will offer him a better opportunity to serve the people o Kabuchai without limits.