Kabuchai Mp launches new bursary distribution exercise

Kabuchai MP Majimbo Kalasinga

Students from needy backgrounds in Kabuchai constituency will have an opportunity of benefiting from the bursary kitty in a transparent manner after area Mp Majimbo Kalasinga restructured the method of allocating the bursary.

In his address, Kalasinga said the new forms will be serialized and be duplicated in three saying after filling the forms the committee in charge will be able to account well for the beneficiaries.

He said all applicants will pick the forms from the CDF office and return them later saying all records will be kept well and vetting be done in public by a committee of 10 stakeholders.

“The chief will no longer be the automatic chairman of the vetting committee as it has always been before and therefore from the selected members they will themselves appoint one to be the chairperson and later the committee will be disbanded after completion of the exercise” he said

Hon Majimbo further said they will be developing software that will be able to capture the students who will benefit saying there will be no need to undergo vetting again in the following years.