Kachapin floors Lonyangapuo in the battle of Titans.


Former West Pokot Governor Simon Kachapin (UDA) has reclaimed back his seat after being in the cold for five years.

The former Sports Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS) beat the incumbent John Lonyangapuo (KUP) with 86,476 votes against Lonyangapuo’s 84,610.

Lonyangapuo’s Deputy Dr. Atudonyang who has been absent in the County came third with 2,294.

This comes after 48 hours of police and supporters of Kachapin and Lonyangapuo engaged in running battles with the police demanding the Independent and Electoral Commission (IEBC) to announce the results.

The standoff made the IEBC to tally all the results from 12 noon in the heavily contested seat.

The battle between the two has been a rematch as they battled out in 2017 where Lonyangapuo got and Kachapin.

The duo was allies and campaigned together in 2002 when Kachapin won the Governor’s seat while Lonyangapuo became the Governor.

Mr. Kachapin, the former Ortum Boys High school principal has in the recent past accused Prof. Lonyangapuo of sabotaging mega projects he initiated during his term, many of which have stalled.

The former Sports Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS) who resigned on 9th February said that he is ready to come back and complete development projects he initiated but was ignored by his successor.

“As the first governor I laid down a strong foundation but the current Governor never touched them with the vision I had.We improved health, infrastructure and others.What we are witnessing now is mere corruption,” he said.

Mr. Kachapin cited that a lot of funds have been allocated to the County and has increased from Sh 2 billion to 7 billion since 2017.

He explained that he will rectify the mess in the County because he now has experience.

He pointed to favoritism by the current governor whom he claimed has been cheating locals.

“A good leader cannot sideline people and give out cows to only his cronies and friends.  He has worked alone and sidelined even his County executives. He has run the county as his own home,” said Mr.  Kachapin.

Kapenguria MP Samuel Moroto who supports Mr.  Kachapin applauded him citing that he is well placed to head the County.

The voting patterns in the County have seen former leaders retain their seats; older leaders have been elected with little women leaders being elected.

According to the 2019 census, the County has a population of 621,241.