Kachapin unveils Cabinet, warns officers over corruption.

West Pokot Governor Simon Kachapin
West Pokot Governor Simon Kachapin

West Pokot Governor Simon Kachapin has unveiled 10 nominees to his cabinet and forwarded the names to the County Assembly for vetting and approval.

The County boss also named other senior County staff.

The nominees are a mix of academicians, clerics and politicians.

Four women were among the picks for the County Executive Committee (CEC).

The nominees include Paul Woyakapel- Finance and Economic Planning, Claire Chemtai Parklea – Health and Sanitation, Rebecca Kide-Education and Technical Training, Litole Jemtai Lucky-Water and Environment, Natural Resources and Climate Change, Esther Chelimo – Lands, Housing, Physical Planning and Urban Planning, Loriongor, Ruto Joshua -Roads, Public Works and Transport, Martin Aperem Lottee-Public Service, Management, Devolved Unit,  Administration and ICT, William Lopewot Petot- Trade, Cooperative Development, Industry and Energy, Joshua Siwanyang Culture, Tourism, Sports, Youth Affairs and Social Services, Wilfred Longronyang- Agriculture, Livestock, Irrigation and Fisheries.

Mr. Longronyang is the only CEC who made a comeback among the CECs that served in Kachapin’s Cabinet as the first Governor from 2012 -2017.

He also appointed Jonathan Siwanyang as County Secretary, Lawyer Ambole Magal Phillip as County Solicitor, Tyno Rotino as Chief of Staff, Mildred Chebor  Nyorsok  as the Legal Advisor, Phillip Tiso as the  Economic Advisor, John Siapuk as Political Advisor, Nick Siwatom as the  Director Governors Press  and Henry Napareng as Head of Revenue.

West Pokot County boss who spoke at a press conference in his official residence in Kapenguria also assigned his Deputy Robert Kamole to be in charge of resource mobilization and donor coordination, Youth and Ushanga Initiative program, coordinate issues of peace building, energy and emergencies and management program and oversee coordination implementation cabinet decisions of all departments.

“We will perform the duties alongside deputizing me in my normal duties. When the Governor is not there he will be in charge,” he said.

He also made major changes in the health sector to enhance healthcare service delivery.

“Anyone found in graft will be dismissed; we want to see the value of the public funds and do the work meant for it. I have seen many things have gone wrong,” he said.

He asked area MPs and MCAs to do proper oversight.

“We want efficient staff. We need the health sector to work because it is the spirit of devolution. We want universal health care. I have a key interest in health care,” he said.

He warned County employees over engaging in corruption, laxity and failing to perform their responsibilities.

“We will not entertain laxity and anyone not working will be shown the door. We hope those we have given a chance will work and be fruitful. No civil servant will earn a salary without working. I got many ghost workers who have been drawing a lot of money without working,” he said.

He said that he made major changes in the health sector for reorganization for better service delivery.

He urged employees in the County to take their responsibilities seriously or risk losing their jobs.

Governor Kachapin warned non-performing civil servants that his administration is not ready to keep on paying salaries for individuals who are not ready to work.

“Employees who are worth their name should be ready to help the County government generate sufficient revenue for paying their salaries. Those who still think they shall continue to earn without working are living a lie and will sooner than later find themselves jobless,” he warned

The Governor said that the County is conducting head count in all ministries to do away with many ghost workers in the County.