Kakamega county hospital in a critical condition

Mrs. Oparanya listening to complains from the sick during her impromptu visit at the Kakamega county hospital on Monday.
 Kakamega county hospital in a critical condition
The Kakamega county hospital is in a sympathetic state with some of the patients admitted at the wards lacking beds to rest on.
An impromptu visit at the hospital by the Kakamega county first lady Mrs. Prisilla Oparanya left her and those in her company without words.
Mrs. Oparanya was first received by complains from the outpatient department where patients complained of slow services. They said that despite arriving early at the facility, it took hours for them to be attended to.
A patient on a bed with carton boxes as beddings in the surgical ward
Here patients also complained of expensive services that they could not manage a number requesting her to raise the cash for them to access the essential services.
A nurse attending to the patients who identified herself as Alice Kwena revealed that they truly lack essential requirements like soap,detergent and a number of needs to attend to the patients as expected.
Mrs. Kwena said that they are supplied with the same but the amount is not enough to meet the daily needs of patients who turn out in large numbers.
At the surgical ward, some patients lacked beds while others had the beds but without bedding’s.
It was evidence that the ward lacked dressing materials, bed linen and other equipments to attend to patients.
According to a nursing officer in charge who sought anonymity, they have scarce beds.
She explained that being an emergency ward where accident victims get admitted, they have a challenge since they only have a bed capacity of 25 against 50-60 cases they get almost on a daily basis.
A patient lying on the ground due to lack of enough beds at the surgical ward
She further revealed that she has 22 patients that have already been treated and have been discharged but they can’t leave because they are not in a position to pay.
She said that it is a challenge in terms of space and still a patient can get re-infected since they share the same room with the sick.
A patient is required to pay at least three quarters of the total bill before being released, but the bill can be waived if proved that the patient comes from a very poor background.
Mrs. Oparanya called upon the leaders in the county government to up their game and stop sitting in offices claiming to be heads of departments.
“Let leaders come to the ground and find out what is happening in the wards, what beds patients are sleeping on and the condition of where they get treated.This will help in future planning and even tell the type of action plan that needs to be taken.” Said Prisilla.
She was shocked to see beds with patients on them being supported by stones and some patients sleeping on curton boxes as beddings yet it is in the surgery ward.
The KNUT women representative who led the impromptu visit Scholastica Ngina said that she got concerned after a demonstration by a few workers at the hospital last Saturday.
“I was here and saw hospital workers going round with placards complaining of poor working environment,” said Nginawho explaining that that triggered her to invite the first lady to find out the truth behind the complains.
Speaking to the press, Shakila Barbra one of those who have been discharged but can not  go home reveals that she has a bill of Ksh. 32,000 to pay and she is afraid that it could be accumulating as she stays.
She said that she was involved in a road accident where she hurt her arm and has been at the hospital for the last one month. Barbra said she is not in a position to pay the bill calling upon good Samaritans to step in adding that she is quite uncomfortable at the facility.
For Hazina Wesonga a widow from Mumias, she is afraid that she left her young kids on their own after she was attacked by thugs in her house and injured.
She said that the children are too young to fend for themselves and requests a good Samaritan to come in and help her clear the bill of ksh.30 000.
Dr. Akoto the Kakameca county hospital medical superintendent
The hospital management led by the hospital superintendent John Akoto however blamed the state of the hospital to little funds released by the county government for the management of the hospital and delays in releasing the said funds.
Mr. Akoto said that the hospital receives Ksh. 10 million for management yet 3.5 millions is set aside for food, 1.5 millions for drugs leaving very little to be divided for various functions.
Dr. Akoto revealed that the hospital is in a poor state with most of the roofs leaking, drugs lacking, breakages of machines in the x ray and laboratories making working conditions worse for them.
Despite the inadequate funds, the funds are also delayed making payments and other functions a nightmare.
He further revealed that the free maternity services may stall given that the national government owes them Ksh. 40 millions for they have not been paid for the same for over a year .
The hospital administrator Samwel Waweru said that the hospital collects between Ksh. 26 millions – 28 millions a month suggesting that if the same could be retained by the hospital management, services could improve.
Apart from that Waweru said that they had done a request to the county government to consider giving them at least Ksh. 20 millions a month to boost heir operations.