Oparanya urges Treasury to review national budget process

Kakamega Governor Wycliffe Oparanya
Kakamega Governor Wycliffe Oparanya

Kakamega County governor Wycliffe Oparanya has called upon the national treasury to come up with a budget that is within the nation’s revenue collection. Speaking in Kakamega, Oparanya faulted the treasury for coming up with big budgets that force the country to over borrow thus creating troubles for Kenyans who end up being over taxed.

Oparanya said that the country’s revenue collection has been on the rise for the last six years and thus working within it is possible.

He wondered why the national government would approve a Kshs 2.1 trillion budget yet it is in a position of collecting only Kshs 1.2 trillion a year. “We have an appetite for money that is not in our custody and this is creating a problem that Kenyans may not be able to solve anytime soon,” said the Governor “The national government should budget within the resources it has,” he added.

The Kakamega Governor further faulted the national government for killing devolution. He said that though the national budget stands at Kshs 2.1 trillion, the 47 Counties are only entitled to Kshs 320 billion. He wondered what the 90% that remains with the national government does complaining that most of the projects they kick off at the Counties stagnate before they are half way.

He explained that resources are to be devolved to ensure that projects are implemented for the benefit of mwananchi.

On the issue of the controversial fuel tax, the Governor supports the notion that the 16% increment should not be suspended but rather be removed completely given that it is the common mwananchi who’ll feel the weight.

Oparanya suggested that the country should look for an alternative way of getting revenue without hurting the common mwananchi.

He faulted the Treasury CS Henry Rotich for going against the parliament’s decision to delay the increment terming it impunity of the highest order. The Kakamega Governor blamed the treasury for the agonies that Kenyans are facing including over-taxation.