Kakamega residents urged to ignore campaigns violence calls

Kakamega County Commissioner John Ondego
Kakamega County Commissioner John Ondego

Kakamega County Commissioner John Ondego has advised members of the public to maintain peace as the country approaches August 9th General Elections.

The County Commissioner has urged residents to listen to politicians as they popularise their agenda but should not engage in violence or incidents that will cause havoc hence destabilising peace enjoyed by the locals.

Ondego asked the locals to reject leaders who are war mongers or spreading hate among them. He noted that good leaders should always champion peace and togetherness despite people’s support of different leaders across political divides.

The County Commissioner revealed that the government had put in place all necessary mechanisms which should be supported by the locals to ensure there were fair and peaceful General Elections.

Ondego however urged residents to elect leaders who will drive forward development agenda and give solutions to some of the challenges facing them every day.

Commissioner Ondego further asked the youth not to be misused by politicians in destabilising peace during this campaign.

He added that youths should not accept some politicians’ intentions who are targeting unsuspecting youths to drive their selfish political agenda.

“Don’t  accept to be misused by some rogue politicians while driving their selfish political agenda among you, please reject them,” Ondego told the youths.

Instead, Ondego called on the youths to take a drastic step and control violence themselves by ignoring calls to use violence during political rallies.

“I strongly believe that if youths deny calls for hate politics themselves, then there will be no violence during political rallies campaigns,” he added.

Ondego however called on the locals to support government development initiatives either from the National Government or County Government projects.

He said the government had done and was doing a lot to ensure people enjoy quality life as seen in security, roads construction, health care and provision of quality education.