KANU moves to save embattled West Pokot speaker from impeachment


The independent party KANU has joined the race to save the embattled County Assembly Speaker Catherine Mukenyang who will be facing Impeachment next week.

In a letter dated 30th August 2021, KANU has advised its Members of County Assembly to abstain from the vote, failure to which disciplinary measures will be instituted against those who will not adhere to the party’s position.

The letter further stated that it will not hesitate to take disciplinary action that could lead to expulsion against any leader who will participate in the process to remove the county speaker.

“It has come to the attention of the party that the honourable members of West Pokot County Assembly have resolved to remove the speaker from office through an impeachment. As a party we have not deliberated the aforementioned matter within the sanctioned structures.” The letter stated.

Twelve KANU MCAs both nominated and elected have so far signed to remove the speaker from power.

The impeachment motion which was initiated by Endough ward MCA Evanson Lomaduny has seen so far 26 MCAs out of 33 append their signatures in support of the impeachment motion.

Lomaduny alleged gross violation of law and abuse of powers by the speaker are some of the reasons why the speaker should be removed from power.

Mukenyang is now expected to face the full house on September 7th , to respond to the allegation and to exonerate herself. Members will also vote on the same day.

Ngolesia Thomas, the leader of majority and the minority leader, Peter Lokor and deputy speaker Francis Krop were among the first members of County Assembly to sign the motion seeking removal of the county speaker.

In a letter written to the speaker by West Pokot County Assembly clerk David Karugutiang dated August 24, the speaker was notified of her impeachment motion.

She has also been asked to prepare a response when invited to appear before the County Assembly plenary on Tuesday September 7th  at 10 am.

“My office is in receipt of a notice motion dated August 9th seeking your removal from the office on various grounds and whose basis is an invocation of section 11 of the County Assembly Act,” read the letter in part.

The letter further stated that verification exercise has been undertaken in compliance with the law and the clerk was satisfied that the motion has met the required minimums for tabling under the act.