Kapkateny residents living in fear due to huge rolling rock

Residents standing next to the rock
Residents standing next to the rock

Residents of Chebchebai village in Kapkateny ward in Mt Elgon constituency are living in fear after a huge rock rolled a few meters from its original place and may roll further towards residences due to the ongoing rain pounding the area.

Led by Hassan Kibet, the residents say the incident occurred in June as the rock rolled about ten meters down the slope and halted, saying they fear that it may roll further and cause destruction of property and even death without an urgent intervention.

He disclosed that he fears for his family, noting that his house is directly down the slope and the moment the rock rolls down further it will cause destruction. He has called for the government to help avert the disaster in waiting.

His sentiments were echoed by Philemon Maywa who said many neighbours have resorted to seek accommodation in his house, given that he lives on the other safer side, saying they have abandoned their homes due to fear.

He, therefore, called upon the government through the disaster management department to come up with a quick intervention plan saying the rock may cause massive destruction with the ongoing rains if it eventually rolls down.

The rock has caused fear among residents
The rock has caused fear among residents

Area MCA Joan Kirong said she has forwarded the concerns to the relevant authorities in government saying they need to move with speed to ensure no one is affected and have the rock removed saying in its current state it is very dangerous.

She said the residents have even resorted to prayers, seeking God’s intervention, adding that they don’t know what may happen.

The residents have also expressed their concern over the poor state of Cheptonon-Kopsiro-Namwela road saying it has affected transportation of farm produce to the market hence affecting their lives.

They said the road’s responsibility rests with the national government and its construction from Kapsokwony has since been halted.