Kapsabet business people breath a sigh of relief following President’s new Covid-19 directives

Kapsabet town

The business community in Nandi are a happy lot following President Uhuru Kenyatta’s new Covid-19 directives during his 13th Presidential address on the Covid-19 pandemic on Wednesday. Many feared the President would impose a lockdown, thus halting businesses.

A section of the business people who spoke to West FM in Kapsabet after the Presidential address said they are comfortable with the new containment measures and lauded the President for not opting for a total lockdown despite rising cases. “We thank our President for showing concern with the country’s economy by allowing businesses to go on under strict observance of preventive measures of containment,” they said.

President Kenyatta, however, urged all Kenyans to take up responsibility in their businesses to ensure compliance with the Covid-19 preventive measures. He said the government reopened the economy gradually to benefit Kenyans following a drop in new cases recorded but people went back to disregarding the directives, “Today many of us know one or two people who have already succumbed to the virus,” he said.