Kapsabet town hit by persistent water shortage

Kapsabet town

Kapsabet town and its environs in Nandi County have been hit by a serious water shortage. Normal affairs in homes, businesses like eateries have been adversely affected. Business people who spoke to the press revealed that there has been no water in the town and its environs for the past three weeks.

Nandi County chamber of commerce chair Mr Samuel Seroney who is also a business man said that some of the hotel owners have opted for unconventional methods such as water harvested and digging boreholes to alleviate the burden. He lamented that despite the County government of Nandi getting millions of shillings in grants from the World Bank, no development has been witnessed in the town. “As traders in this town, we haven’t seen a single project that has been set up by the government of Nandi despite getting millions from the World Bank,”  he stated.

He added that the water shortage in the town and environs is estimated to affect more than 40,000 households and called upon the Kapsabet Water and Sanitation Company to fix the issue once and for all. 
On the other hand, the Kapsabet Water and Sanitation Company manager Mr. Lelei Kiboi admitted that there has been a persistent water shortage problem, attributing it to land topography challenges.