Kaptel residents protest against Kaptel police post officers for setting free a serial rapist.


Residents from Kaptel location in Chesumei constituency Nandi County have protested the idea of police officers from Kaptel police post for freeing a middle aged man alleged to be a serial rapist who was arrested recently after defiling a twelve year old minor.

The protesters led by Paul Melly cited that the alleged serial rapist has pending two court defilement cases and has been a nuisance to the children in the villages of Kaptel, Tangaton, Ng’atatia and Kaplamai respectively yet the police from the said police post are silent on the matter to an extend that whenever he is arrested, he is locked up shortly and released.

The residents lamented that the police went ahead to release the said culprit without their consent and thus they are tired of the police officers of Kaptel police post and they want them to be transferred immediately for conspiring with criminals.

“We are tired with how the police officers from Kaptel police post are handling cases and we want the County Commissioner for Nandi to chip in and address the problem,” Melly expressed angrily.

They revealed that so far the alleged culprit has defiled more than five girls in the larger Kaptel location and the security is doing nothing as the suspect is being freed whenever any arrest is made, a situation which has angered the residents who want a proper explanation on the incident as it seems he is colluding with police officers.

The girl was treated in one of the hospitals and released where she is recuperating at home.

Chesumei police Boss Mr Bosita Omukolongolo said that the matter is on his desk and investigation into the incident has been launched to determine the truth adding that any police officer who will be found to have a hand in the matter will be held responsible.