Nandi County KCPE candidates ready for the exam

Students waiting for exams

The Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) exam is set to kick off officially on Tuesday under tight rules and regulations in a bid to curb irregularities. In Nandi County, preparations have been concluded according to the County Director of Education Mr. Lawrence Kiruntimi who confirmed the vital aspects have been dealt with including transport, fuel arrangements, and security.

Candidates were taken through rehearsals for confirmation of their names in order, together with their index numbers and moreover, they were given instructions pertaining the examinations.

Speaking to West Media, Nandi Primary School headteacher Mr. Joseph Patrick Kitur said preparations in his school for the exams are in order. Kitur said the candidates have been taught well throughout the eight years they’ve been in school, adding that they’ll uphold high standards of discipline during the exams.

The school registered 89 candidates for this year’s examinations down from the 99 registered last year.

Nandi County has a total of 22,656 registered KCPE candidates in 742 examination centres. 11,402 girls and 11,254 boys. Moreover, there are 11,778 KCSE registered students in 201 centres, with 5,959 boys and 5,819 girls.

Nandi County has been experiencing heavy rainfall, and some roads aren’t in a good state, and the education stakeholders who will be transporting the exam papers will hope the conditions will be more favourable as the days advance.